Two-tone woodblocks not working in MuseScore 4

• Mar 7, 2023 - 19:47

Since upgrading to MS 4 I've found that adding in high and low tone woodblocks no longer works.

See attached doc.

Is there a fix for this?

Many thanks,

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Sorry. Accidentally added this here rather than under support section. Can an admin please move it? Thanks.

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Thanks, Shoichi, for taking the time to look at and correct this.

I'm on a Mac, so when I press F8 I don't get an option to change any of the sounds associated with the notes.

I've had a dig around through the menu options, but I can't find a way to do this.

Are there any other Mac users who might know how to find and use this option?


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Ciao, Shoichi!

I'm sorry to say that making the same changes on my system does not affect the pitch of the woodblocks in any way.

I even went to an extreme and changed the note tuning value to 100.00 cents, but the pitch is still the same for both blocks, high and low. :(

It's very disappointing. I'm not a software developer, so I'm sure my observations have little value, but I'm always puzzled how a simple bit of functionality always seems to be ruined when a new version of a product comes out.

I'll just have to go back to including a bass drum and a hand clap track to each score, then manually adding in beats on 1 & 3 for the bass drum and 2 & 4 on the hand claps and working from there.

That automatically doubles the amount of work I have to do for a piece of music, but it's important that students clearly hear and feel the difference between the beats.

Thanks again for your time and help. I appreciate it.

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Thanks, Shoichi. You've been a great help.

Yes, I did download that file, but didn't realise I needed to make such a massive change in the values. And when changing the higher value didn't affect the sound, I figured the same applied to the lower value.

I've saved the file you fixed up for me as a template and deleted the other instrument, so I just have a woodblock template file I can use.

Many thanks for your help and I hope you have a good weekend,

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