saving on musescore cloud

• Mar 3, 2023 - 19:24

Every time I want to save a score on Musescore cloud a pop-up windows comes up and tells me "saving audio"
This last about 3 minutes during which I loose access to the computer. I do not know where the saving goes and I do not really need it. In addition I do not find a parameter to remove that saving operation.
Thanks fot help


The saving goes to the cloud, as you specifically asked for. If you don't want to save to cloud, then simply do Save As and re-save to your computer.

When saving to the cloud, the audio needs to be generated so it can play online using your selected sounds. If you don't mind that not working, you do have the option to specify whether audio gets generated every time or not. MuseScore asks you this the first time you save, so you must have said you wanted it every time. If you've changed your mind, go to Edit / Preferences / Cloud to change the setting.

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Must admit I was not too good on this one and the idea of looking in the cloud preferences in the edit menu did not reach my neurons....This problèm is closed.
I have 2 machines which are not connected through home network and I thought the cloud was the ideal solution to have all of my scores available on both machines at all time, But if I find all of them on one machine only on shows on the second one. Is this due to another weakness of my brain ?

Tanks for your support.

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