Import a pdf or scan music

• Jan 28, 2021 - 12:27

I’ve searched the Help Center with ‘scan pdf’, ‘import pdf, and ‘scan’ but the results just seem to direct me to a library of scanned music. There’s nothing on being able to import (or scan) my own pdf which I’d need if I need to transpose for a different instrument.

I’ve just started using MuseScore and I like the program very much. In many ways it’s far superior to the program that I’ve been using over many years (Music Publisher). However, MP does have the facility to directly scan in a score which has been very useful for my purpose. I’d like to go over to MuseScore completely but to do so I’d have to manually input a score in order to transpose it.
If not already I’m just interested as to whether this feature will be in a future version or as a plug in.

Many thanks for any comments you can give.


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