System text & stave text - massive error

• Mar 3, 2023 - 22:44

Hello, I'm reporting an error with adding text (specifically, system and stave text; I did not check other text features). I was trying to add a ritardando to the last two measures of a piece, for which there is no option (a huge oversight--will presently file a separate report about that), and my attempt to do it manually by adding text instead suddenly created six extraneous lines of text above the measure, which upset the page formatting. Screenshot attached.

Please fix this error!

Thank you,

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My guess is that you selected a range and Musescore (correctly) added the text to each note in the range, which is what you asked for. If you want stave text on one note, just select one note.

If my guess is incorrect, please come back and attach the score (.mscz file) so that someone can see what is going on.

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There are various tempo change markings in my tempo pallet. If yours are missing, try clicking on the three dots at the top right of the pallet and selecting "Reset Pallet".
This is what I see in the Tempo pallet


If you mean there is no "ritardando", as I said, you can edit the text of the line once it has been added from the Properties panel


And then you can hold down CTRL+SHIFT and drag the edited version from the score to your pallet for future re-use.

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That is very strange. Actually, my "More" section contains duplicates of some of the items already in the tempo pallet which is also odd.

You say you are using the latest version. Is that version 4.0.1? Look in the Help>About menu to check.

Yes, the tempo change lines do affect the playback tempo.

Perhaps a revert to factory settings would help in your case. Look in the Help menu for that. It is not clear to me exactly what gets reset, but it might be useful to make a back up of any customisations, including templates and styles that you have created before doing the reversion. See for more information on where such customised settings are stored.

Based on the screenshot of your palette as well as the behavior when adding staff text, it seems to me you are using an extremely old experimental build from early on in the MuseScore 4 development process - maybe from around two years ago. What does Help / About report? Anyhow, whatever it is, it's not MuseScore 4. Best to remove it and be sure to install the current version, 4.0.1

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Where did you download it from? And what OS? The only official place to download MuseScore from is this very website - via the main page, or the Download menu. On Windows and macOS, that may involve first downloading Muse Hub and then downloading from there, or you can download directly from this website.
On Linux, it's always direct. But definitely, don't trust any third party sites that purport to offer MuseScore, no idea what they might be providing.

BTW, it's not really a bug that previous versions of MuseScore would do what you asked them to - you had multiple elements selected, and the usual behavior of clicking a palette item is to add the item to all selected elements. However, sometimes maybe a year or so ago, a tweak was made to the behavior of MuseScore 4 so that an exception was made for certain element types that some people felt they'd rarelt want to add to multiple elements at once, such as staff text. So the actual released version of MuseScore 4 no longer does this when you have a range selected. But it still is completely correct that the item would be added to all selected elements if instead of selecting a range, you elect the individual elements (eg, by Ctrl+clicking them one at a time, or right-clicking and using the Select menu, etc).

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