How do you isolate an instrument's score in large ensembles?

• Feb 27, 2023 - 22:20


How do you isolate an instrument's score in a large arrangement for viewing and practicing while still hearing all the other instruments playing? I can't seem to do that at all.

I've tried hiding instruments, but that also mutes them and you can't unmute in the mixer when they are hidden.

Is there not a solution for this?

For example, in the attached image, I want to view TS1 ONLY and not any of the other instruments BUT I still want the other instruments to play.

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I don't think there is a good way yet. But you could open your score and extract the part you want to play and either print it or save it as its own score with its own name. Playback the main score with your part muted, switch to your part score to play along.
You could also have two copies of the full score open. Though you have to name them differently.

One solution is to use MU3 instead. Here you can view and play the part while hearing it in the context of the whole score by unchecking "play part only". You can also hide all other instruments and still hear them in MU3.

You can do this in MU4 by hiring the staves for the other instruments, instead of hiding the instruments themselves. Just click the arrow to expand an instrument to show its staves.

A future update will provide simpler controls for this.

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