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• Jul 22, 2021 - 19:04

I am making this post in regards to a very small little issue with scores and score templates. This is absolutely not a massive problem but it is something that does get just the tiniest bit annoying when making larger custom scores. Is there any possible way to be able to save specific scores as templates that I can access on the template file popup every time I want to make a new score. (for example) Say I have a large score that I have but it is not the same as any of the provided templates that come packaged with Musescore or MDL. instead of having a separate dummy score that I copy and paste to make a new score that I am actually working on and writing music with, can I save those dummy scores as templates that show up on the templates popup instead of copying and pasting and cluttering up my scores file?

(Sorry for the large post, just trying to make what Im saying clear to avoid confusion later on haha)

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Honestly, can a single person actually answer this question. It's been asked so many times, and everyone always gives the same link. The link doesn't explain HOW to save a score to the Templates folder, it simply says TO save it there. How. How do I do that. I'm on a Mac, which means the Templates folder is embedded inside the app, not available to me when I'm saving files. So, again, how the hell do you do this.

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Actually it seems to me the best way to work with templates - at least in MU3 -
is to simply save the template anywhere then open it when needed and "save as" a new file
because loading a template through the wizard will overwrite most settings anyway.

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Ah ok, well that's good. I was just wondering why information
like composer, lyricist which I had entered in my template would
then have to be entered again before actually selecting the template...
Like I would prefer to change those values right inside the score
rather than having to use the wizard for it.

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Understood that in the cases where someone is doing a lot of work by the same composer and that happens to have the same subtitle (a lot of dedications to the same person?), that might make sense, but that not true in general. So that change would cause more extra work overall than it would save. Still, the amount of time it takes to type in your own name is trivial compared to the amount of work required to delete everything that would need deleting when using the Save As approach.

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Despite that I can still load the file and save a copy... I'm glad if I don't need to type in my name
over and over again, if only to prevent typing errors. Just think of your name, it's quite long ;)
I also don't use every textfield for what it is intended. I might use the subtile to write "for SSAA"
and use the lyricist field for "Arranged by..."

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I can type my name probably 20-30 times faster than I can navigate to the folder containing the score I want to copy, open it, delete all measures from it, add new measures, set the time and key signatures, go to the file/project properties to clear out the old metadata, delete the old title, and do the save as. That's a whole lot of steps the template saves, only asking me to type my name.

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Oh, so your templates aren't actual scores but just empty shells? That does indeed save little of the time. But aside from tirivla things like lead sheets where it takes seconds to run the command to add breaks every 4 bars, it s would be virtually unheard of for real music to every have exactly the same breaks from score to score. Again, templates are meant for all string quartets, not just "string quartets all by the same composer having exactly the same structure in terms of numbers of bars on each system. That's so rare as to be virtually unheard of, which is why the feature doesn't work that way.

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