Playback not registering ties

• Feb 12, 2023 - 13:54

Using Musescore 4.0.1.
The playback will always ignore ties and play a note even if it is tied. Have tried restarting, reinstalling, etc. Happens in all scores in all cases. Properties tab knows it is a tie and not a slur.


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Same for me now too. Here is what I originally did.
I created tied notes in measure 30. That tie worked. The one in 107 still did not. So I figured that something in between 30and 107 was the problem. So I started adding ties in measures 56, 89 94, and 97. Each time, the added ties worked but the one in 107 did not. I removed the dynamic in 102 and some other things that I don't remember for sure. Same result. Then I removed the a tempo and the 107 tie worked. I undid the removal and the tie did not work. I removed the a tempo again, and the tie worked.
So I must have done something else because just removing it now, indeed, does not work.

I think the point is that ties DO work in this score. But because it in an import from something else, there is something causing problems.

I was having problems with ties when playback, then I realized that I should use the S shortcut for Slur, when the notes are different, but I should use the shortcut T for ties, this is when the notes are the same.
This is also applies to chords. That solve my playback issues.

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Yes, slurs and ties are different things that look similar (but not identical). It is important to use the correct one for the intended effect. A slur covering notes of the same pitch can be useful sometimes; to indicate a soft rearticulation of a note for example. However I don't think Musescore's playback handles such subtleties.

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