Hiding empty staff - not working

• Feb 6, 2023 - 23:44

I am trying to export a staff with a hidden measure at the end. Basically 3 instruments, the 3rd instrument has 4 fewer bars than the other two. For the lead sheet I dont want those empty bars to show up, for clarity and tidy formatting.

I can make all the elements on the measures invisible but even with...

"Hide when empty: Together with the “Hide empty staves” setting in Format→Style…→Score, this determines if the staff will be hidden when it is empty"

... selected the final measures are still printed.

I noticed this entry...

"Instrument: For instruments containing multiple staves, the staff is hidden only if all staves for that instrument are empty."

... is there a way to over ride that. Not sure what use that setting is. If all staves for an instrument were empty why would one bother putting it in a score?

Any help please.

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