how would you write this tuplet down

• Feb 6, 2023 - 02:56

its in common time and i cant figure out a way to do this. i've managed to figure out that it should fit in a rest of a quarter, eighth, and sixteenth note, if that makes sense. pls help

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On first blush, create a rest of value quarter + eighth + sixteenth. Then click to highlight it. Choose menu item 'Add', then 'Tuplets'. Choose the tuplet variety you want. See what that does for your notation entry.

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I have no idea what this Tuplet-17 score means!

The music graphic, scanned, seems to suggest a 4/4 measure, where there is a 1/16th note, then a string of 17ea 32nd notes in a 17-uplet fashion, then two quarter notes.

I experimented (a lot) on this, I'm going to have to defer to somebody far more versed in what you're asking about. My experimentation is attached.

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[I have clarified this text with a reference to how to do a custom tuplet]

What Daniel describes with the example is how to do a tuplet over any type of duration.

The thing is that to create a tuplet you need to select one note or rest which covers the complete duration of the tuplet. Most of the time this is straight forward, but if you for instance want to cover 5 sixteenth notes, there is no way to just have one rest or note with that duration.

In this particular case the duration of the tuplet could be described as a "double dotted quarter note rest" so Daniel's trick is not necessary. But it is in the general case.

And the trick is to first create the desired duration as a sequence of several rests. Then split the measure such that only these rests are inside a measure. Then select the measure and delete the rests. What will remain is a "whole measure rest" which represents exactly the duration you want for the tuplet. Now you can select this rest and create the tuplet in the normal way. [update:] That is, as Daniel indicates in his example above, Add > Tuplet > Other > 17/14. See Custom tuplets in the MS3 handbook for more details.

End by "undoing the split" of the measures by joining them again.

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