Roll back to MuseScore3

• Feb 4, 2023 - 01:59

I have some MuseScore compatibility problems.
I've upgraded the MuseScore3 to 4 and saved most of all existing mscz as MuseScore4 files. However, my band members are still using MuseScore3 to share and see difficulty in upgrading due to their PC capacity constraints.
Is it possible to roll back those MuseScore4 files to the previous versions, which can be opened by MuseScore3 ?


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Thanks for good suggestion.
I opened a mscz file which was initially created by MuseScore(MS)3 and saved as a new MuseScore(MS)4 file.
Then, exported it as a music XML file. Amazingly, MS3 can open the XML file, while the sound becomes somewhat poorer. By doing this, I can share the MS4 files with other MS3 users.

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