How to use Muse Sounds???

• Dec 30, 2022 - 15:57

Muse Hub tells us briefly what articulations are recognized by a "group" of instruments (e.g. strings, harp, brass etc.), but it doesn't tell "all" the possible articulations are recognized by each instrument of Muse Sounds (e.g. staccato, vibrato, pizzicato, arco, tremolo, pres de la table etc.). It also doesn't explain how activate those possibilities? Which articulations are obtained by symbols from the pallette? What symbols activate each one of them? What are activated by text? What kind of text should I use? Are those texts standardized in some pallette? Should I type by hand? If so, what spellings are recongnized? (e.g. pizz. or pzzicato etc.)
I browsed the MS4 handbook but didn't find answers too. So any help is appreciated.


I am also wondering about this, I seem to be only able to trigger them with "playing technique annotation" kind of staff text.

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