Musescore 4 and Debian 9

• Jan 13, 2023 - 17:38

I've been trying with Musescore 4 and Debian 9 without success. Nothing happens.
No problems with any version of Musescore 3.x.
Is there any known issue about this?


I have no solution, but, unfortunately, the exact same problem. I suspect that there are some unsatisfied dependencies on debian 9 - but also the appimage is not working!
I would be very happy to know if there is any possible solution to this issue or if I should seriously think about a system upgrade...

This mostly refers to MuseSounds & Muse-Hub...

When I started to dabble with MS4 on my (then) Ubuntu 18.04, it became immediately clear 18.04 was a major block to success. I don't take OS release upgrades lightly, but had to relent to upgrade first to 19.04, then 20.04 - at which point MS4 & Muse-Hub (now) work OK. Looks like Debian 9 came out June 2017. Any possibility you have another system with a newer Debian to test on? Or can you set up a VirtualBox install of Debian 11?

Do you have a reason for using an out-of-date version of Debian?
Debian 12 Bookworm will be released this month (June 10th 2023). If you're not familiar with the upgrade process, do NOT attempt to upgrade from 9 -> 12 directly, but go through 10 & 11 first or do a complete back-up and reinstall, the latter option may be easier.
Generally speaking you should be running the latest up-to-date stable version of Debian, unless you have a really good reason to do otherwise - it is much safer. If you want to use the latest versions of pro-audio software, you may be better off running testing, but I'd hold off until autumn as the next couple of months could get bumpy. I track testing on my studio machine as I'm an experienced Debian user that's been involved with multimedia development.

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