Selective changes to small note size to reflect a cappella sections in a chorus vocal score

• Feb 3, 2023 - 02:34

I am not finding a way to selectively change the note size in the piano accompaniment of a vocal score when there are sections of a cappella singing. I did find the Staff Type Change tool, but this seems to only land at the beginning of a measure and does not appear to effectively allow me to convert to small notes when in place.

I did not see this ability, which was part of MuseScore3, listed as non-supported in the MuseScore4 handbook.


Right-click into the staff, Staff Properties, tick Small staff

Or select the notes and use the Properties tab to set the heads or the chords to small

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My score does not display the Properties tab when I select a note (or notes). I want small noteheads. It seems to me that smaller note size is needed in the bass clef in order to add more notes to that clef and still keep the score to 3 pages. Please advise.
The score is attached.

Using MuseScore 4 version and revision in screen capture attached. Mac OS Catalina 10.15.7

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