MS3 portamento 'glitch'? [MS4 probs as well]

• Jan 30, 2023 - 15:40

At the end of both voices & alto flute portamentos, there is a distracting audio aberration. Have I notated this wrong or is this a defect?

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MS4 also has problems in this realm. In MS4, the portamento does not work for MS-Basic voices... and creates a cypher 2nd note that only stops when playback stops. A chromatic glissandi works as expected.

For (the two) instrument MuseSounds, portamento does not work, but chromatic glissandi is heard when changed away from 'portamento'.

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I don't understand the finer points of GitHub issue tracking. All I know is that portamento between two notes has problems in both MS3 & MS4. I can't imagine that of, say, 4 variations of problems that exist with portamento, 2 "get fixed" and 2 don't. I hope that the developer(s) who work on this are adept enough to test all those problem variations that sensibly come to mind. Or address what has been reported.

I know for MS4, in 2023 we expect many bug fixes & feature refinements, that will be released. What of MS3? Is the user community left with unfixed things in MS3 -- and told, "it got fixed in MS4" And by extension, "why don't you migrate to MS4"???

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