Enter lyrics in Musescore 4 from text in clipboard

• Feb 1, 2023 - 00:08

In Musescore 3.6, I used to enter lyrics in a text file and separate each syllable with a space. So I now have a collection of -- Japanese -- lyrics with space-separated syllables.

The process was: (0) copy text into the clipboard from the text file, (1) Click the first note, (2) enter lyrics mode, (3) cmd-V, which enters the first syllable, (4) hit the space bar, (5) cmd-V ... until the final note.

I also tried this in Musescore 4, with Japanese and Western writing, but it does not work, and I do not find an alternative in the new manual. This workflow is exceptionally comfortable; for the time being, I returned to Musescore 3.62.


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