Split Score View?

• Jan 27, 2023 - 08:23

Sorry if I am missing a feature that is already in MS4, but I cannot find it.

I'm working on a score for a symphony orchestra with >25 parts. Therefore, it's quite frustrating to appropriately align entering parts at the top and bottom (particularly with empty bars in the middle parts).

For example, if the top (flutes) are the only instrument playing and I want to enter celli (bottom) in alignment, I have no point of spatial reference for each part.

Is there a way of splitting the SAME score into two horizontal mini-windows (like you can in Microsoft Word) so you can be zoomed in to each part and know where you are? That is, you can view the top flutes in the upper window and add lines to the celli in the lower one.

Apologies if I am not explaining this well...

Thanks if you can advise.


A few months ago I discovered the File -> Parts feature (at least in MS3). It may not be as elegant as what you describe about independently-viewable windows, but I find it valuable when larger scores are at hand.

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