Exported pdf's seem different compared to MS3

• Jan 28, 2023 - 14:29

When I finish a piece I export all parts to pdf. When I then have to send the pdf's to someone I add a watermark to the pdf's using an automator script. I am on macOS Monterey. Monterey is up-to-date as is Musescore and all other software. When I add the watermark to a pdf generated in MS3 all goes well but when I add the watermark to a pdf generated in MS4 then the watermarkt seems to disappear behind a page. I will add two pdf's: The "El Toro" pdf is generated in MS3, the "Recorders" pdf is generated in MS4


I don't think this is a fault in musescore, as you add the watermark afterwards.
You're right that you're case shows that the pdf's are different, so I suggest you modify your script to add a watermark to Musescore 4 PDF files.
I just tried to add a watermark to a MuseScore4 exported pdf and it works fine (using Adobe Acrobat).

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Hi Tijn, I finally had the time to go back to this. It turned out that the scripts I made (automator workflows) were outdated. I had to update them to use new functions. One of these possibilities was that I can now choose to place the watermark below or on top of the pdf. The default choice was below. After I changed that to on top the proces worked as expected.

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