MuseScore 4 only plays one instrument at a time

• Jan 23, 2023 - 18:53

I've found that when dealing with scores that have multiple instruments, playing from any given point often only results in playback from one instrument. Selecting a rest or deselecting and reselecting sometimes fixes it, but it's inconsistent. Is there any way to remedy this?


I think in MuseScore 4, if you select a measure, it only plays that instrument, but if you select a note or a rest, it plays all of them. It's a new feature. Not sure if this is what happening, but just trying to help.

I have the same problem for an orchestral score. I tried clicking on an empty bar and a rest and still nothing played back. And it is also sporadic, for me. Sometimes it plays all orch, sometimes it doesn't.

If you select multiple notes at a time, only the selected instruments will play. You can see it opening the mixer with the F10 key.

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