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• Jan 20, 2023 - 22:57

This is a new one for me. If I was a piano player, I would know how to play this. How do I teach MuseScore to play these 3 tie notes that start one after the other, but finish at the same time?

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There’s a different way to tie notes together (than how I usually do it) that you inspired me to look up. Not by voices, but by selecting the initial 3 notes and hitting the tie button up toward the top. Each note ties to its corresponding note in the chord. It looks like the pic I posted, and plays correctly. Score! Thanks.

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... though it is allowed for them to be not adjacent, just needs to be the next note of same pitch

Absolutely correct. There are many examples of this "non-adjacent" tie in published music, and I found an illustration in Elaine Gould's "Behind Bars" (page 61). The text actually refers to flattening the curve of a tie (not relevant to this post):

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Is the old (MS3) use of the + button (on the keypad) no longer valid? Attempting to tie two quarter notes, the first at the end of a measure and the second at the beginning of the next, the tie icon on the screen works, but the plus button doesn't. Instead it raises the note pitch by a semitone. MS4.0.1.230121751 on WIndows 10 Pro.

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I had no problem using MS3 and the + button. It worked as it should for the last score I did. I’ve always used the + button to add the tied note. I did not know that it could be used to tie 2 existing same pitch notes together. That was very useful for the score I did (see above image in my OP.)

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