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• Jan 3, 2020 - 15:58

I am trying to transcribe a score and I encountered a problem. I have to make a chord tremolo with a sextuplet. I posted an image of what it should look like. The song is in 6/4 time, and it looks like the tremolo repeats the notes three times, similar to the triplet rhythm directly before in the image. The style of the tremolo is the same as an eighth note tremolo, but with a 6 on top, indicating it's a sextuplet.

Firstly, how would I go about doing this? I have no idea.

Also, as a bonus, does anyone know how to make the tremolo line touch both stems of the notes like eighth note beams?

EDIT: Updated photo to a better example.

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What's the total duration of that 6-let?
When I try with a half, I get 2 dotted quarters into the 6-let, and with the tremolo these turn into 2 dotted half notes.
Making the dots invisble would get want your image looks like, but seems rather hackish

Reg. bonus: MuseScore doesn't support that (old) style (yet)

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From what I can see from the original score, the entire tremolo chord is worth two beats. Also, I forgot to crop in the previous beat. I think it might be helpful with understanding how the tremolo should be played. I added the new photo to this comment and the original post.

It looks like they want it repeated three times like the triplet rhythm on the left, while it looks like an eighth note tremolo with the 6 on top, indicating sextuplet. The score is in 6/4 time.

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I don't think this is a tremolo, just a shorthand way to indicate that the triplets/sextuplets continue as before. Appearance is relatively easy to achieve but appearance + playback is more difficult,

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I am a part of the OpenScore community, so they ask for precise playback as well as appearance. I believe the only way to do it is to create another voice with the actually correct playback, but leave it hidden. The only problem is the visible tremolo produces a 2 rhythm, and the actually correct playback is a 3 rhythm. So you have a 2-3 polyrhythm. I have no ideas.

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