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• Dec 19, 2022 - 15:54

So far I have always created the parts of a score and with "save as" I have created parts independent of the score itself. I used this procedure, for example, to extract the Organ part from the Continuo part while retaining the numbered bass and the Cello and Violone part, where I could delete the numbering without damage. In MuseScore 4 this procedure does not make the part independent, so if I delete the numbering from the Cello part, it also deletes it from the Organ part and the score. Is this a limitation of the software or is there a procedure that I have not found?


I think this option was removed as we've also had a set of complaints about the old behavior. "Save As didn't save my score because I just happened to be working in a part at the moment of saving".

You could still "Save As" the entire score and then remove the instruments/parts from it which you don't want in your copy.

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At first I was as confused about it as you are... Then I found this workaround that does the same job:

From the Instruments tab in the left side panel delete the instruments/ clefs you don't need in the new file, then 𝙎𝙖𝙫𝙚 𝙖𝙨 to create a new file with the remaining part that would be independent of the mother score...

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