Repro to crash MS4 in two seconds by entering notes

• Jan 8, 2023 - 06:42


Type B, C, Ctl+Z, down

ie. enter two notes in sequence, undo, move the first note (up, down, ctl+up, ctl+down)

-> crashes every time.

Windows 11 and Windows 10 laptops


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It's an on outdated message, probably never updated because that's a page normally one would never reach. The way to submit an issue on GitHub normally is to click Issues, New Issue, then "Get started" under "Development issue". I think you must have clicked the link for other types of unspecified issues at the bottom.

I can't speak officially for the development team, but I can relate what I believe to generally be true based on previous discussions and experiences:

Anyhow, the intent is the initial reports should be here on to make sure the issue is reproducible, clearly worded with sample score and/or steps to reproduce, and also that it is not already reported. Once an issue is confirmed here, then it's correct to post to GitHub, which is where the developers are actually tracking things.

This process is subject to change of course but that's how things are working right now.

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How did you get to that page, though? This isn't a page you could normally find without hunting. Normally you'd go to the MuseScore project, click Issues, then New issue, then Get started, and you'd never encounter that outdated page you refer to at all. So I'm wondering how you accidentally found yourself there.

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Indeed, some of the links in this particular thread may have been incorrect. So, I'm just trying to provide the correct information. The way anyone who wasn't already seeing the links in this thread would know to open an issue is as I have been saying - visit the MuseScore project on GitHub, then click Issues, then New issue, the Get started. Following that process, you won't see the outdated and misleading message about coming back here. But, it's still true that this is the first place to go when reporting a potential issue, so it's not wrong for that message to direct people here. it should just be clearer about the fact that after the issue is confirmed here, then it's correct to open an issue on GitHub.

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I followed the link posted by Jojo above which doesn't give me any obvious choices other than "Open a blank issue" which is where the text I qutoed is written.

In general the directions as to what and how to do anything with this project are tangled up in a web of contradictory announcements, posts and instructions. One person comes in and says do it this way, so you do that and then someone else comes in and says you've done the wrong thing.


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No need to get upset! There are brand new processes, unlike how things have been done in the past, so it's natural there is some confusion. But together we can work through it.

What's new is that the issue tracker here on is no longer where developers turn to investigate bugs. In the past, the issue tracker was the primary repository for this, but this changed just a few weeks ago, and wer're all still adjusting, and obviously, not all pages have been updated with the latest information.

That's why I'm doing my best to simply explain how things are, not to criticize anyone for not having already known or anything like that. I'm just trying to help people here.

So again, to summarize:

The issue tracker here on is where potential reports are best posted, so that they can be confirmed and tidied up in terms of getting a clear title and description. And then, in order for developers to be able to investigate, and issue should be opened on GitHub. It's not ideal, but it's also not particularly complicated. The more we all cooperate to make this happen, the smoother it all goes.

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It's still a mess of "I can't speak officially for the development team, but I can relate what I believe to generally be true based on previous discussions and experiences"

"Anyhow, the intent is the initial reports should be here on"

I've posted about 4 recent bug reports on the Bug reports forum (as you instructed me to do on GitHub) and most of them had zero attention....

It would be great if there were a single place for announcements as a source of truth. This is literally the most disorganised project I've seen in four decades.

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Sorry to hear you are having trouble! As I said, this is a new process, only in place a few weeks, and there was just a giant release - probably bigger than any release you've experienced in any other project - with tons of users now flooding the forums with very basic questions, etc. So please be patient.

To be clear, there is a single place for announcements - the announcements forum.

I checked, and I found only two recent issue reports from you:

#342355: Musescore crashes when moving a note after an undo
#337701: Beaming a rest moves it off-centre

Both were triaged and marked "confirmed" within hours of your posting. So, far from from being "zero attention" or "disorganized", that's pretty incredible response! The system does work if ywe all cooperate, that's the nature of open source projects.

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Because I was told by yourself and others to report in Bug Reports for confirmation before posting in Issue Tracker I have the following untriaged bug reports: palette redraw issues 16/1 tie appears in wrong staff 15/1 Inner beam breaks won't display across barlines 8/1 Problems copying from Master palette to palette [MS4] 8/1 Duration dot moves off horizontal 5/1 Accidentals not given sufficient space 5/1 Can't add multiple LV symbols to a chord in MS4 22/12 Feedback link in v4 takes you to a v3 feedback form 21/12

"To be clear, there is a single place for announcements - the announcements forum"
And when I followed the announcements I got contradictory advice from yourself e.g. announcements says to post in Issue Tracker OR GitHub and you interpret that as "Issue Tracker THEN GitHUb" e.g. your comment So by your lights every item has to be reported THREE times: Bug Forum, Issue Tracker then GitHub. (Especially with GitHub "outdated message"sending you back to Issue Tracker.... You simply can't win here. (And don't get me started on items with no workaround where JoJo just slides in and marks it as "Workaround available" without specifying the workaround.)

I got so pissed with you guys trolling me on the forums last year, I deleted over 1000 (no typo) rare scores I had transcribed and uploaded to MUsescore.

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I'm not sure where I said to post to the forum instead of the issue tracker, but if I said that, I was mistaken. or maybe I was asking you to post to the forum if you weren't even sure if something was a bug. The forum, after all, is the place for discussion, as it always has been.

Anyhow, no point in arguing about whether someone made a mistake in the past or not. Let's focus on the present and future. The issue tracker remains the place to post potential bug reports for triage. Then, once confirmed and tidied up, they need to be posted to GitHub. Yes, that means most issues end up getting reported twice. The intent it to prevent the development team from being utterly overwhelmed by the plethora of poor-quality reports that usually flood both the forum and issue tracker.

if you are absolutely positive that what you are encountering is an actual bug, and you've searched GitHub to be sure it isn't already reported there, and you are absolutely sure you have precise steps to reproduce the problem, you are welcome to skip the first step of reporting to the issue tracker. If you are at that level of expertise, you are also encouraged to help with the triage process, by monitoring the issue tracker and helping confirm bugs and forward them to GitHub as appropriate. Like any open source project,t it's a collective effort managed by the community of users. Be a part of the solution!

Meanwhile, I will look at the forum discussions you started to see if any of them seem to be bugs that require forwarding to GitHub.

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I should mention that an important reaosn not to only use the forum to report bugs is that it is very easy for actual bug reports to get lost among all the other discussions and questions that are not bug reports. I've been spending hours a day trying to keep up just with issues, I haven't had time to keep up with the forums as well.

BTW, I am not sure what you mean about someone trolling you, but I assure you I have done no such thing, not to anyone, not ever. I am simply volunteering my time - ridiculous numbers of hours per week every week of every month of every year for over a decade now - in an effort to help users like yourself and everyone else here. So let's give each other a break and all try to be helpful and understanding.

Also if there is a particular issue you are seeing marked with a workaround despite one not having been posted, that might also be a simple human error due to the utterly overwhelming number of posts we are trying to respond to. So feel free to point to the issue you mean and we can take another look. And again, I invite you to assist in this process - all are welcome to volunteer their time to help others!

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