Muse_Hub downloading Muse Sounds very slow

• Jan 13, 2023 - 13:55
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S2 - Critical

(1) After downloading Muse_Hub.exe, I clicked it. There appeared a message saying "Getting Muse Hub ready for you. It will launch once it's ready."
(2) A few seconds later, the message disappeared and nothing happened.
(3) I downloaded MuseScore 4.0 without Hub. The same thing happened.

Before installation, I have updated my Win 10 to the newest version.

Attached is the screenshot of the message.

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Issues with Muse Hub need to be reported to the developers of that app, at

But, are you sure it didn't install? It would normally appear in the system tray, check there. if you continue to have trouble, please use the link above.

Title Muse_Hub installation problem Muse_Hub downloading Muse Sounds very slow

I am now downloading Muse Sounds (Choir, Strings, Percussion, Harp, etc.) from Muse-Hub because the sound from the default sound library is terrible (worse than Musescore 3). But it is prolonged. I took a photo on my PC's screen and attached it here. From the bottom, you can see the short progress bar. Please note that this is the result for 20 hours! I estimate that it takes a week to download the whole package.

My question is: is this normal? Or if I pay for a membership, can I get it at a normal speed?


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Probably just a temporary internet glitch. Try again and you should be fine.

But also - the default sounds in MU4 are identical to MU3. if you're having problems with sound, that's something you'll need to address first as presumably it will affect other sounds. Please ask for help on the support forum. This issue tracker is discontinued.

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Thank you, Marc, for responding.

I am really frustrated with Muse Hub. It seems to me that Muse Hub is an unfinished product being placed on the market. I did write on Muse Hub's webpage (the URL you typed in your response), but I found no way to attach a file there. Below was my writing on Muse Hub:

After some effort, I installed Muse Hub and Muse Sound. In order to compare with Musescore 3, I typed the same melody from Schumann's Traumerei using both Musescore 3 and 4. This is a piano piece. Musescore 3 sounds normal, but Musescore 4 sounds terrible. I have recordings but found no way to attach them here. Maybe I should read instructions to learn Musescore 4 (I am pretty good at Musescore 3) and do some initial setups after installing Musescore 4? Please advise. Thanks.

I attached 5 files here:
(1) Using Musescore 3, I could easily add "Moderato" at the beginning of my score - Failed.
(2) Using Musescore 3, the sound is normal - too big, uploading failed
(3) Using Musescore 4, I could not add "Moderato" to my score. It simply did not respond. - Failed.
(4) Using Musescore 4, the sound of the piano is terrible. - too big, uploading failed
(5) The sound setting of my score is "Grand Piano". - This is the only file I could attach. The rest failed. Why?

Thank you for your time.

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It seems your questions are not actually about Muse Hub at all, but about MsueScore itself. please ask for help on the Support forum - this issue tracker was for teaching actual confirmed bugs only but has now been retired (bugs are now to be reported elsewhere,e but on ly once confirmed as actual bugs). The place to get help using MuseScore remains the Support forum, as always.

When you start your new thread asking for help, please be sure to attach your actual score(s). All you have attached above is a picture. Don't try to attach audio files - attach the actual score (MSCZ file). But again, not here - do this in a new post on the Support forum.