Bad armor for sousaphone in Bb

• Jan 8, 2023 - 10:42

With MuseScore 4, sousaphone in Bb uses a bad armor. For example, if trompette is in C (no sharp nor flat), sousaphone in Bb is written in D (2 sharps). Except that, notes are OK.
(I tested with MuseScore 3.6, Sousaphone in Bb is well, so in C)

Thank you for all your great job, this free software is amazing


What do you mean by bad armor?

I just tested that sousaphones (in Bb and in Concert Pitch) work exactly the same in MuseScore 3.6 and MuseScore 4. Both seem to transpose Sousaphone in Bb up a seventh. Its a big leap but I guess that's how transposing works.

If transposing is the problem, use the button with "Concert pitch" at the lower-right corner in MuseScore 4 to toggle between transposed and concert pitch when using sousa in Bb.

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Hummmm. Ok, this is strange.
When i create a part from 0, adding a trumpet and sousaphone (both in Bb), everything is ok.
But for my part i had created with MS 3.6 (with 2 flats on flute, ), opened later with MS 4 and saved with MS 4, when i add Sousaphone in Bb, two sharps are set in key.

I just test adding another trumpet in Bb, it also has 2 sharps on key.
Same behaviour if i set "Concert pitch" before adding trumpet in Bb and set back to instruments pitch.

Ok, i finally do a test to produce the bug. With MS 4 :
- Create a part with flute using Bb pitch (flute is created with 2 flats.....OK)
- Add a Bb trumpet (trumpet is created without any flat nor sharp.....OK)
- Add a Bb sousaphone (sousaphone is created with 2 sharps instead of nothing.... NOK)
BUT....if i change flute pitch and go back to initial pitch, everything is corrected (same armor for sousa and trumpet.....OK).

So, there is a little bug but easy to manage

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