Changing tempo causes MS4 to crash on every save attempt

• Jan 6, 2023 - 22:30

The subject. Posting here because Github frowns on the mscz file type.

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Here is a version with no notes or tempo markings, that does not crash on save.

I will note that I replaced the strings in the original template with pianos and then did an instrument replace. Why? Because MS4 does not have a split stave option, and the overture calls for split staves on all string parts for the overture

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I added ye standard quarter note = 80 to the score, it is hanging. I took a screenshot as you do, title bar says 'TestScore (Not Responding)'

It has been a minute. I have not saved anything or supposedly changed the file. It is still hanging. I have no patience for it to hang forever, so I ctrl + shift + esc to kill the process.

It asked me if I wanted to restore the session, I said yes. It loads, no tempo up top. But now, I add a single note anywhere and save... it crashes. closes without an error message.

the attached save is theoretically exactly the same as the previous one, and yet it will crash if you try to save an edit.

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