How to compress score vertically and/or horizontally

• Jan 1, 2023 - 00:24

I am now using version 4. I would like to know how to squeeze my score horizontally so as to get more measures in each system. I would also like to know how to squeeze it vertically so as to get more systems on each page.

I am including the score below in case that helps somehow.

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As with v3, use

  1. the score-page settings on Format>Style> Page (vertical) and Bar (horizontal)
  2. the print page settings Format > page settings (both)

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It depends on the nature of your scores, what changes you consider aesthetically pleasing and the ripple effects of changing one setting on other parts of your score.

For instance, if you change settings that alter the number of measures on a line, then you may find that manual adjustments are all lost e.g. slur shapes. Undo may not recover those adjustments (in either v3 or v4) so I advise keeping lots of version backups!

Changing the overall page size by adjusting print-margins and score-margins may allow you to squeeze more into a page, but I most often use minimum system distance, and stave space. Just reducing the latter from the default 1.750mm to 1.700 or 1.650 mm can allow you to fit in more horizontally than you can be reducing 15 settings in the Style> Bar page. For instance if you have a page full of cadenzas using small/cue-sized noteheads then you cannot reduce the note separation more than standard note-heads.

I suggest pinning some lines with line-breaks to reduce the impact of score-wide alterations on fragile sections of notation.

You can save some settings as styles: consult v3 and v4 separately as they're not cross-referenced and the latter is incomplete.

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OK, got it. However, I set all 20 or so values to their minimum and the first page still had only the one full measure on it. Is there some more global parameter that might reduce the size to allow 2 measures per page? The poor conductor will be having to flip pages fast enough even then!

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Thank you for helping me out bebobebo. What you did looks very good. Part of my problem was that I was looking at the page settings under Format>Style...>Page, but I finally discovered that what you did was reduce the right margin setting that is available in the Format>Page settings... dialog.

Thank you again.

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