Built in program

• Dec 27, 2022 - 19:54

Hi. i need help to remove this false god icon before it drives me insane. Every time i start up musecore3 it shows a santa hat. Can anyone tell me how to remove permanently or at least disable. there must be a way but i can't find it. I'd appreciate it.


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A beard we bother to manufacture
is just a figure of a cheerful teacher,
who invented a magic that made us behave
when the once younger us thought of that day.
To quote a serious guy Nietzsche,
He who lives higher up is already dead.
I bet his head'd be too cool in the seasons
to get mad at the sight of a jewish hat.
Even the kittens purring inside my house,
make peace and resist to tease the mouse
which climbed up a window and stayed for a moment
but then tumbled and landed on a button called preferences
a satanic idol or a jolly roleplay
I wish you a wholesome namaste

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