Muse sounds not playing

• Dec 27, 2022 - 17:53

I’ve uploaded a few scores that used the instruments for muse sounds on MuseScore 4, but for some reason, the scores I’ve tried to upload use the basic sounds. Why’s that?


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So, you saw the dialog saying it was exporting audio, and then the dialog saying it was uploading, and then at the end a browser window opened for the newly-uploaded score, but when it finished processing, it was the MS Basic audio?

What if you repeat the experiment but this time clear the "source" field in File / Project properties?

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The software tends to crash at a certain percentage for me every time when I try to export audio and I'm on a Chrome OS. I'll try again today, but if it doesn't work, I'll have to save publicly to the cloud without good audio.

By the way, what is the difference between a mscz. and an mscx. file? Does it make a difference that I should be concerned about? Lately my scores have been in mscx. format and that's not normal.

Thank you very much.

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What you describe suggests the problem is specific to one particular note of one particular score, so be sure to open an issue for on GitHub that and attach the score there. Posty here in the forum are useful for communicating with other users, but you'll need an actual issue report on GitHub in order for developers to begin investigating.

The difference between MCSZ and MSCX is, MSCZ is the only format a person who already doesn't know the difference should ever use :-). Seriously, MSCX is a special-purpose format that loses certain information in exchange for being able to easily open the file in a text editor and editing computer code directly, for those who enjoy doing such things.

MuseScore will never save in MSCX format by default - you must have chosen that for some score in particular. So, don't do that in the future.

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