Musescore 4 Playback Out of Tune

• Dec 23, 2022 - 22:44

After a crash (the first one for me), the piano is playing back out of tune (about a 1/4 step sharp). I've been using MS Basic SoundFont so I tried a VST3 as a test, and it is also out of tune by the same amount. I also created a new score with only a piano and it is also out of tune.

MuseScore 3 is not effected nor is Reaper. Rebooting the machine did not fix the issue.

Is there a master pitch adjustment somewhere perhaps?

Perhaps I'll try reinstalling MuseScore 4.


I have the same. I added 205 bars of Kummer to play along, playback is almost half a tone too low. Of course I can retune my cello. It is also not possible to save as "musescore3" and cannot upload to the site and open in musescore 3 downloaded parts.
I also had issues with inserting measures, measure count after a repeat, .... Musescore4 is amazing, but need some more fixes before we can use it.
Also the Linux version does not run. Complaining about glibc.

Hello, same issue. the workaround i find is, close Musescore 4.0, do not open a song directly from the file explorer, start Musecore and after open the file song using the Musecore menu.

I have similar problem, but only when pluging in my headphones after opening Musescore 4 without them - the tune when using headphones is significant. On the other hand, after starting M4 with headphones and then unpliging - the program crashes :p

I've moved back to version 3 (by exporting the score as MusicXML). Just in case there's a file in the version 4 installation that might help the developers figure out what's going on, I'm going to keep the current installation on my machine.

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