Opening v3 files lose dynamics on play

• Dec 26, 2022 - 15:23

I've opened a v3 file on MS4 and the dynamics on play are wrong; even if it show MP, it randomly play some voices F. Tried several times with same result so seems a bug to me.



Possibly. Remember that MS4 is completely different. If I open an MS3 file in Sibelius, dynamics don't always work either. Sometime things need to be readjusted. Sounds odd, I know. I've also noticed that on subsequent openings of a file, things sometime start to normalize. Odd, I know.

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The problem is that it's absolutely random. First bar ok, second bar second voice play as expected, first voice is very loud. I've removed all dynamics, same result, add new dynamics from scratch, nothing changed. I understand we're still on v4.0, but for what I'm doing at the moment, it's a showstopper for me.

If you have any hints I'll be happy to try it.

I back this up. Plus the changes do not show any discernible patterns. But I also have a score typeset on MS4 where the piano ignores a marking while the violin plays it.

As far as correcting: The relevant passage in the handbook has yet to be written and I am on my own, i.e. clueless. I notice that dynamic markings no longer have velocities assigned. Notes have but they are 64 on every note in the score regardless of the marked dynamic or of how the playback actually sounds, including sforzati that sound like artillery fire.

I am at a loss on how to even start manipulating the dynamics. Any pointers?

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