Is Muse Sounds library actually worse?

• Dec 22, 2022 - 17:21

I installed Musescore 4 and the Muse Sound library, and tried them on a piece I'm working on, but it feels like the instruments are no longer balanced. I wonder if it's because I balanced the dynamics according to the previos soundfont or it's a problem in Muse Sound.
Does somone else have this issue?


It has been my experience that different programs interpret dynamics differently. The three that I have are just so.

Probably you did indeed balance your dynamics and/or mixer settings based on the quirks of the MU3, and now you'd need to rebalance them. That's going to be the case pretty much any time you change sound libraries - they each have their own quirks.

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"Way out of balance" is a very subjective determination - so much depends on style etc. About the only thing I think could be said objectively is that the choir sounds are soft compared to the other sounds, and I'd totally expect that to be fixed at some point. Anything else, there might be tweaks here and there as people report (on GitHub) specific issues like "trombone at mp is too quiet relative to trumpet" or whatever, but I wouldn't be expecting big changes.

Anyhow, if you're creating a lot of pieces with similar instruments in a similar genre and thus would benefit from similar mixer settings, you can save one such score to your Template folder for easy resue.

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