Incorrect harpsichord sound mapping in MuseSounds

• Dec 24, 2022 - 01:19
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S3 - Major

MuseSounds does not play the correct harpsichord sound, which has rendered MuseSounds, and by extension, MuseScore, unusable to me. The MuseSounds harpsichord has as octave register engaged above the standard 8' register. This should not be the standard harpsichord sound for a variety of reasons, one of which is that in contrapuntal music it can obscure the voices when they are within an octave of each other, as the octave stop produces inadvertent voice crossing. The basic musescore sound font has a correctly registered harpsichord, so you can listen to that to see how the harpsichord should sound. I understand that this might seem like an obscure and small problem, but try to imagine if the piano or the violin were playing the written note plus an octave up for each note; this would make those sounds unusable, and the same is true for the harpsichord. This is why I have flagged it as a major bug.


Another analogy for this problem would be if the violin default sound was pizzicato. A special effect should not be the default sound.

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For reference, here is a file containing the entire standard range of the harpsichord (which is larger than the range that has samples in muse sounds). I think I can just make out that upper octave in the sound.

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I didn't mention this in the bug report, but it is possible that not all of the notes are playing with the octave stop on. Some of them very clearly are doubled at the octave. I'm pretty sure that they are all doubled, though, after going back and forth between Musescore basic, musesounds and my actual harpsichord, but there are some notes where it is very hard to tell.

Also, the lack of the full harpsichord range is a disturbing problem which I didn't notice. One of us should report that. The range needs to be from f1-f6. Do you want to create a separate bug report with the file you are ready created? Other wise I will.

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Looks like people have already mentioned the harpsichord range problem there, along with, it seems, all the other instruments. I'm going to assume that a problem this serious and pervasive is not intentional and will be fixed without me creating yet another bug report.