Musescore 4 won't open!

• Nov 17, 2022 - 07:03

Hey all :)

It's been a while since I used the Musescore 4 beta. It's worked before, but I stopped using it and tried to open again to work on my composition and unfortunately turns out I can't anymore! It just gets stuck on the loading screen. So far I've uninstalled it, tried one time by downloading Musescore 4 alone by itself but it still wouldn't open, tried downloading Muse Hub first then downloading Musescore through there but still wouldn't open. Saw a trick for Musescore 3 where you put -w or -F in the header where you put your folder address in Windows explorer, both didn't work. Really weird. Anyone have any ideas?

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I am using Windows 7. I tried to download and open Musescore 4 without success. The download finished, but when I tried to open the program I got this message:

"The procedure entry point MFPutwaitingworkitem could not be located in the dynamic link library MFPlat.DLL."

Can anyone please explain to me what this message means? Musescore 4 looks refreshingly different, and I would like to use it, but I get this message every time I click on the new icon. Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Help! Musescore 4 won't open. The color ball only spins while it says loading.
I installed Musescore 3 hoping with it 4 will open.
I get the same result with 4. The links below are not helpful. HELP! Mac BigSur 11.6.2

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