Cashes after a couple minutes or when I click save

• Dec 20, 2022 - 23:04
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Create a score and click play. It could crash after a couple of minutes or try to save it. I have all updates and new drivers on my computer.


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what do you mean by score? I can not attach it because musescore crashes before it lets me do that. The steps I am doing are: 1. Open the score. 2. make changes to the score. 3. Musescore crashes. 4. Open it back up. 5. Click on file on the top left. 6. Click the save button. (just the save one, not save as or anything) 7. My white mouse on the screen turns to the blue loading circle. 8. Musescore Crashes.
It is important to note that if I open the score and make no changes, it does not crash.

Ah, sorry!

I should have re-read the first post. This happens when you create a new score, rather than opening an existing score which is what your later post implied.

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Can you provide more detail about how you create the score: from a template? if so, which one? or by choosing instruments? if so, which instruments?

Also, which operating system? Are there any "unusual" aspects of your set up, e.g. connected midi device, multi monitors, non-default location of Musescore files.

Have you tried reverting to factory settings, or failing that, rebooting? Turning it off and on again does work sometimes.

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What happens if you navigate to the folder where the score is located and launch Musescore by clicking on the score file?

Note that the recent file list is just a list of links to the place where a score was last saved. If you subsequently move or delete that score Musescore will not be able to find it.

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I used the Classical Orchestra Template to create it. I am on Windows 10 64-bit operating system and the only unusual thing I can think of is that I have speakers and headphones plugged into my PC. Although that has not been an issue and I have been able to switch between them as needed. I did change the location of the default files though yes. I moved them from the Local Disk to my external drive. I tried rebooting and updating drivers. I have not tried reverting to factory settings though.

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Musescore 4 does seem to be a bit picky about program and sound file locations according to other posts I've read here. If reverting to factory settings doesn't help, perhaps reverting to the default file locations will sort things out for you. The safest way to do this would probably be to uninstall and then reinstall accepting the default locations. But if it is only the score files that are not in default locations, that should not matter.

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And jut to clarify. the sequence of events is

  1. Click the new score icon in the start centre.
  2. Select the orchestral template from the new score dialogue
  3. Do something
  4. Crash

3. Do nothing but wait for a couple of minutes
4. Crash

One thought that occurs to me is that a crash after something like 2 minutes could be associated with autosave which by default happens at 2 minute intervals. Can you try turning off autosave in Edit>Preferences and see if you still get the crash in the "do nothing" scenario.

But time for bed here. Perhaps someone in a different time zone can assist/investigate further.