MS4 open itself for every file opened

• Dec 20, 2022 - 20:05

In the video I'm showing MS4 opening three different files and for each file, MS4 relaunch itself. For three files I had three MS4 opened. It's a bug isn't it? Please see the movie from the link below



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It is quite amazing how a new version of a great app, apparently much more powerful, nicer and modern that its predecessor, carries on so many quirks:

1- the relaunch of the same open app just to open another file … what?
2- a Hub that doesn't work on the same MacOs where the actual app does work

About #1: thinking about DP, I have an idea

About #2 doesn't make any sense to me, sorry. Usually hub (downloader) run on every MacOs or many of them give the user the opportunity to load a version that works with older MacOs. This is true for Native Access, UVI Portal, Plugin Alliance Instal Manager, Sonalksis Plugin manager, 8DIO downloader, Pulse dowloader etc. Sometimes can happen that the downloaded items (Plugs/Apps/Sounds library) are not compatible with the running MacOs, but the download manager works.

Here it's the other way around and it's bizarre. Anyway, this is the official response I've found in the Huh forum support:

" Unfortunately, the toolkit that we use to build the map app upon is only supported back to 11.5. The app is unable to run on systems older than this. We are looking into ways to add support for older systems, but this is not a trivial change, so it may be a bit. Sorry for the inconvenience!"


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