A specific note doesn't play.

• Dec 20, 2022 - 00:34

The D5 16th notes in bar 8 make no sound when a Muse Sound instrument is selected.
- Every other note seems to make the expected sound.
- The same pitch and duration works perfectly well in bar 9.
- They produce sound with the MS Basic sound font selected.
- In Properties, Play is checked and Velocity is 64, just like the surrounding notes.
- "Automatically keep sounds up to date" is enabled in MuseHub

Does anyone know the reason no sound is produced in that very specific circumstance? File and exported audio for reference.

Edit: It occurred to me that the Muse Sounds system can't handle playing a single note twice at once. I confirmed this by removing the D5 in the upper staff of bar 8, which allows the D5s in the lower staff to play. Is there a workaround or feature request I could upvote somewhere? That seems like an important feature.

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Yeah. I'm experiencing that problem too. I've come to find out that piano (p) dynamics just don't seem to be effective especially with the violin 1 part. I'm forced to do mezzo piano (mp) for that specific part instead and it works just fine in that case. But sometimes I do want the piano dynamic and where is it when you need it?It's currently unfortunate.
Yessir, but I'm sure that will be fixed very soon.

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It seems I'm having a different problem. The hard-to-hear piano dynamic is unfortunate, but in my case the note doesn't play at all, so changing the dynamics don't help. I've figured out the probable cause (detailed in the post edit), but that doesn't bring me closer to finding the solution. Luckily I'm just a hobbyist and there aren't any stakes for this particular song's playback.

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