Muse score Corrupted Files

• Dec 19, 2022 - 15:38

Every time I open a Musescore 4 file Musescore 4 says it is corrupted, but Musescore 3 is fine opening files. Is this happening to anyone else? Does anyone know how to fix it? Thanks!!


I have the same issue except I'm trying to open a Musescore 2 file. I've tried saving the file with MuseScore 2 in both compressed and uncompressed formats and also tried exporting (as opposed to saving) the file as an uncompressed Musescore mscx.

The exact message that results is "Open error" File "C:/Users/****/Documents/MuseScore2/Scores/Ave_Maria2.mscx" is corrupted."
The file opens in Musescore 2 without issue.

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Update: I exported from MuseScore 2 as a pdf. This took me to a website with an experimental pdf-to-MuseScore file converter exists. I converted the file, I was notified by email, then signed into MuseScore to download the result. It loaded into MuseScore 4 BUT I lost the title, fingerings, bowings, text, and it stretched the music out to two pages instead of less than one.

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Going over PDF is almost guaranteed to not work.

MuseScore 2 simply didn't detect many of the existing corruptions that MuseScore 3 did (which contains a detailed listing of them). MuseScore 4 detects some more as well, but currently the detailed information for it is missing; it should be reinstated in one of the first software updates over a couple of weeks/months.

If you do wish to attempt to go via different file formats prefer MusicXML over all else.

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Thanks for your reply, @jeetee! Tried exporting from MuseScore 2 as a MusicXML but got the following error message: Open error File "" is corrupted.

I can use the converted pdf format to bring it into MuseScore 4 and continue. It's not too much of an inconvenience in this case, fortunately. I very much like what I've learned about MuseScore 4! It offers features that interest me a great deal.

This happens with me all the time. I just installed musescore 4 on my pc yesterday. I didnt even know about musescore 3 or 2.

I started using musescore 4 yesterday. I stared composing some music, and I stoped for some time to rest, saved in my pc windows and now today without no reason all the files didnt opened today . When I try to open the file on musescore 4 on windows I just receive the message that the file is corrupted. I lost everything. Could someone help me? this is happening all the time .

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@Pedrominton, I downloaded your Piano Quintet no. 3.mscz, right-clicked on it in Windows File Explorer, selected Open With ...MuseScore4 and whaala, it opened in MuseScore 4 as it should. I was able to play it in MuseScore 4, so I don't get the same behavior you do.

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