MS4 - Can't use numpad

• Dec 14, 2022 - 20:52

I'm using a laptop, plugged external keyboard so I can use the numpad for note duration toggling.
On version 3 it works fine, on version 4, it does not, so I'm ruling out that there's something wrong with my keyboard. I tried back and forth with the Bloq Num key but all I managed was to use the numpad as arrow keys for navigation, but not for as hotkeys.

Anyone else with this issue?
Thanks, so excited for the release of MS4


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it's not an "easy fix", it's an indication that our money is not being spent to improve the system we paid for, how could they release a pencil without the lead?, the Numpad is the brush used in the painting.. again, this is completely ridiculous and makes MS4 BROKEN

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Yes, the devs went and broke numpad shortcuts just for the fun of it.
You just were lucky enough to not have been affected by the broken numpad in the previous version where it then later was worked around by having the user select its keyboard layout (a list which wrongly detected mine and didn't even include it) and using separate shortcut.xml's for it.

Nothing of your money is not being spent on improving the software, since you don't spend money on the software..

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Ah yes, "insulting the people that offer possible solutions today"; a very heavy price to pay indeed for 100% free software.

If you're alluding to your .com subscription then I recommend to pour even the smallest fraction of your complaining energy into trying to read and understand what you actually signed up for. Because it is not for the completely free desktop notation software, nor for any kind of support with it you might feel entitled to.

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It might be that my English slang is not up to date (not a native speaker, after all), but you once again seem to imply that the software is being sold; it is not.

There is no simpler way to keep stating this: The MuseScore notation software as offered on this very site (.org) is 100% free. No payments involved of any kind. Nothing.

Hello. I used the following trick: configure the shortcuts in Musescore 3 and exported the xml file. Then I copied the file to the folders found in AppData- local - Musescore . Type windows key + R. The RUN dialog box will appear. Then type %AppData%. Once it opens, go to LOCAL. The folders are: Musescore4 and Musescore4Development. Copy the SHORTCUTS.XML file to these two folders. Restart Musescore 4. My NumPad is now configured with all the notes. Then I went to the EDIT - PREFERENCES - SHORTCUTS tab and set FLAT for the "-" key, SHARP for the "+" key, NATURAL for the "*" key and TIE for the "/" key. These keys are personal and make my writing much easier. Hope this works for you. If you want, I'll send you the file. I'm sorry for my english. I'm using Google Translator.

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I have the same issue with MS4.0.0 on a windows 10 platform .
As I always use the nupad to select the notes type (half, quarter, eight,... ) I consider this issue as major, preventing a migration.

I'm experiencing the same issue. Desktop Windows 10 PC, I'm not able to use the numpad in MuseScore 4 and I can use it in MuseScore 3.
I think this is a huge missing in this wonderful update and I hope it will be addressed as a priority even with a soft update without having to wait for 0.x version, since it breaks what would be a fluent and efficient workflow.

The shortcut trick did the work for me too!

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