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• Dec 17, 2022 - 15:10

I have a score that is extremely repetitive. In this section, the eighth note is usually tied to the following quarter note. There are a couple of exceptions, including this pictured piano part measure. Regarding the notation on the treble clef, what does it mean, and how do I notate it in MuseScore?

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It looks to me like a failed attempt to add ties. Is this the result of importing a pdf of the score? If so, I would assume the pdf converter got it wrong.

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(Yeah, I'd call that a reputable publisher!)
Yeah, I think that's just ties with weird spacing because of the flag on the eighth note. No wait—it's that extra note on the other side of the stem. That's what it is! And the ties are programmed to line up with each other. There's your problem.
That's scored in Finale, btw. No surprise there's bad spacing.

Yeah, as a pianist (and experienced engraver), I'd say that's just ties that look weird because the editor didn't change the spacing. (caused by the choral part above maybe?)

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