Hide a playing instrument COMPLETELY!

• Jul 10, 2014 - 16:57

I put my issue on this forum because I dont know how to make a forum:
I want to hide 2 instruments completely but I want them to still have the notes.
No I am NOT talking about the empty staves option. I want to know how to hide instruments but they STILL play because I want it to be a background part.
Here is an example on what I am talking about (PLAY THE VIDEO) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E2V-2cK7F18 [THIS IS NOT MY VIDEO]
I want my 2 cello's to still play but I want the instrument to be hidden so that it only shows the viola part.
Help me hide playing instrument


In 1.x this can be done, but is pretty cumbersome: you'd have to right click each measure individually and untick the checkbox for visibility of the parts you want to hide.
In the next version it'll be much simpler, just hid the staff in the add instruments dialog.

The player apps for iOS and Android can do this too

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Now that Musescore 2 is released, and its GUI is solidified, I'm just clarifying this for those who happen upon this in a Google search:

Each instrument in the add instruments dialog (shortcut I) has a checkbox associated with it, which affects its "visible" trait. That's how you hide instruments.

The only quicker (but not necessarily for the faint-hearted) way I can suggest is create your score as per normal, set Stave Distance to 0 (to cram the staves closer together and avoid lots of empty space) and save as a MuseSCore Format file (i.e., uncompressed). Then edit the file using a suitable text editor. Look for

(note that I have replaced < and > here with [ and ] to make it easier to post this reply.)

[Staff id="2"]
[Measure number="1"]

and add a line:

[Staff id="2"]
[Measure number="1"]

which would also work if written thus:

[Staff id="2"]
[Measure number="1"]

So, you could use a fancy Search-and-Replace strategy (Search for [Rest and Replace with [visible]0[/visible][Rest). Then re-open the file and tidy it up (stray barlines, stave names etc.).


I strongly suspect that the way this was done was to export the full score to .WAV or .MP3 then extract the viola part.

This was then played back using a screen recorder to capture it.

The audio and video were then edited together in video editing software such as Movie Maker.

The end result was then uploaded to Youtube.

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