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• Dec 5, 2022 - 17:01

Hey guys,
I am writing an arrangment for O Holy Night. In the beginning I put it in 6/8 and added up to 50 measures. On page 1 I had no problems. However, when I got to page 2 it is in 3/4 and won't allow me to change it. Anyone can help shed some light on this for me?


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I see no 3/4 in that score. Other than that you have entered notes as half plus quarter (minim + crotchet) in measure 13 (voice) and 14 (piano) and three quarters in measure 14 (harp). If you don't want the rhythms spelled that way, then don't enter them that way. You can use [Tools]>Regroup rhythms to put them into the usual 6/8 groupings.

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