Pickup measure on repeat

• Dec 2, 2022 - 21:49

Referring to my score here:

Note the first 2 measures. The first measure is a pickup with 2/4 beats and then it goes on to 4/4.
But then on the repeat it strikes me as odd somehow.
What is convention here?
Should I just mark the first measure as 2/4 and then the second 4/4?


I think the norm would be to put the repeat at the full measure, and use a mid-measure repeat at the end of the passage (by splitting that measure). But no doubt each case can be different. This just looks very strange to me, and unless you literally mean there to be two extra beats on the repeat, would not be played the way I assume you mean.

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Hmmm...maybe to simplify, how about a fermata on the 4th beat. Really all I want to indicate is there should some time between the 4th beat and the 1st beat of the next measure. (see attached screenshot)
I think the software developer in me tries to specify exactly what to play when in fact that is not necessary, even not helpful

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