Saving online dont work under musescore 3.6.2

• Nov 29, 2022 - 14:22

Display a greyed popup !

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Are the palettes working normally for you (seems you have closed them here)? This looks look you might have an older graphics driver that doesn't support OpenGL. See if you can update it.

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> "It's only been a few days since it stopped working !"
The obvious question now is; did anything change over those past couple of days? An OS update (perhaps a new QT version in your distro which no longer has the webengine component)? A new firewall? Different internet provider?

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As anticipated, it is also missing the Web view part. So my guess is that your OS-upgrade did not install the Qt WebEngine package.

I'm not entirely sure in which package it resides, but you could try to apt install qml-module-qtwebengine to see if that fixes it for you.

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That's great! Would still be good to see the console output from running the AppImage with "-d", though. You mentioned not seeing any, but that shouldn't be possible - the Appimage always produces a ton of console output when run from the command line, even without -d, even when no errors occur. Here for example are just the first few lines of a normal startup on my system:

marcsabatella@penguin:~$ mscore-portable
ALSA lib pcm.c:2660:(snd_pcm_open_noupdate) Unknown PCM cards.pcm.front

followed by about 50 more lines of miscellaneous messages.

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But on my compiled version which works well I still have a problem with the Jack connection. When starting Musescore, the Jack connection is established for a brief moment and then disconnected. I must go in I/O Restart the Audio and Midi devices for Jack to connect again.

On console :
JACK ERROR: jack_client_thread: zombified - exiting from JACK

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