Latest nightly - MS4 - no access

• Nov 29, 2022 - 15:15

Win 10 - Latest nightly: MuseScoreNightly-223330401-master-3277328-x86_64
No access even when run as administrator.
Latest nightly - no access.png


Is that from double-clicking the exe file from your file browser? Were you able to run previous builds from that same "S:" drive, with that same account, in the same way? What if you reboot (might fix bad permissions n the drive mount itself)

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No launching problems with next nightly.
Edit: about the prior nightly mentioned in my first post:
1 The downloaded file was 3 MB bigger than mentioned on the download page.
2 Today I saw the notification - translated - that my security software (F-secure) "has blocked an application which tried to change protected files".
I hope that the development team will tackle this serious issue.
The bigger file size makes it improbable that the blocking is based on a false positive.

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If you'd like the developers to investigate, please be sure to go over the GitHub as explained in the beta announcement and open an issue there.

My guess, though, is that it is a false positive, that the combination of this not being a true install, combined with attempting to run from an external drive, has caused your security software to not like use of some DLL file or other.

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