Audio problems when switching from unpitched percussion to pitched percussion

• Nov 26, 2022 - 17:52

Hello in my score I was writing a percussion part and it starts on concert snare drum. Then later I have it switch to Timpani; I used the change instrument text and change staff type to achieve this (attached a screen shot of the instrument change measures). I wasn't getting any audio, so I went to the mixer, found the concert snare part, clicked the arrow to expand the menu and then went to the timpani tab (check the attached screen shot for where in the menu I was). Since it was originaly a snare drum part that switched to timpani it was set to a drum set part thus limiting me to only the drum set/percussion audio. The problem is when I try to uncheck the drum set button it doesn't actually do anything, the moment I click away from that part in the mixer and then click back it just "re-checks" the drumset button. Can you just not have a drum set instrument and a non-drum set instrument under one part in the mixer? Does anyone know of a way around this or something I'm doing wrong? Thanks.
P.S I'm on Musescore 3.6.2

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I guess not. But I don't know for sure. Here is what I notice.

Create a concert snare drum staff. In system properties, change it to a five line staff. Concert snare drum notes will be entered on the top line. At the desired measure, use Change Instrument text to change to timpani. Enter timpani notes. Result: snare drum sounds like snare drum, and timpani sounds like timpani regardless of what the Mixer says.
Perhaps not completely what you are after, I know.

It does work to switch between pitched and unpitched instruments. Did you select timpani as your instrument when adding the instrument change text? Shouldn't have been necessary to open the mxier at all.
It's hard to diagnose problems from just pictures, but if you continue to have problems after ensuring you did change the instrument (not just the sound) to timpani, please attach your score so we can understand and assist better.

I believe I may have been unclear, but I have found a solution. Here is the problem and solution as I see it. In my score the instrument change from concert snare drum to Timpani worked fine. The problem was since concert snare drum is marked as a "drum set" in the mixer and if an instrument is set to a drum set in the mixer, then Muse score will only list auxiliary percussion/set related sound fonts in the mixer. So, when it changed to a Timpani which is not an auxiliary instrument Musescore couldn't find it's sound font since the part was set a drum set where only auxiliary sound fonts can be used. This might be a bug on Musescores half I don't really know but if you have a part set to drum set then ever other instrument under that part in the mixer must be set to drum set (and viceversa). My solution to this was to add Timpani as an instrument, in the first measure have it change to concert snare drum, (and change the name of the part back to Percussion 1) then later when have a "to Timpani" change just like before. This time Musescore is grabbing all the sond fonts correctly. I may be completetly wrong but Musescore is working (at least as well as Musescore can manage) and that's the problem/solution as I see it.

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