Solfa to staff notation

• Nov 22, 2022 - 23:08

Has anyone done any work on translating tonic Solfa to staff notation? I want to access and maybe use some old Welsh hymn tunes that are written in Solfa. For most people today and for accompaniment they need to be written in staff. I am very ignorant on how to do this. If anyone can give guidance or suggest a programme for doing this I would be extremely grateful.
With the decline of the Welsh language and religious life, unless this is done many formerly well-used tunes (perhaps very old traditional tunes) will be lost.
I attach a sample of what I am working from. Clod Welsh hymn tune.pdf


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How can this be more time consuming than you expected? As far as I can tell, you would just have to type in the solfa tex, as it appears in your original text, or possibly even quicker with some shortcuts, and then add title and key, and export to musicxml and import into MuseScore. In what way could this be less time-consuming?

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