MuseScore 4 keyboard shortcuts map announcement

• Nov 7, 2022 - 18:57

Version 1.0 is now released.

You can find it under forum/documentation:

Original post:

Hello folks,

this is the first time that I write here in the forum. And i start with an announcement for you :-)

Today i started to create a keyboard shortcuts map for MuseScore 4. I have only found this one which was created almost 10 years ago:

I'm a long time Sibelius 7 user from Germany, but recently switched to MuseScore 4 (Nightly builds). The new design is awesome. But i had some new shortcuts / new handling to learn. So i decided to make a map, not only for me, but to give something back to the community.

I hope, i can finish the map to the release of MS4. I'm very open for feedback, that is also the reason why i would like to give you a first insight today. Maybe you can check parallel to the development if everything is ok so far. In this very first alpha version 0.2.1 many is missing, please wait a few days for another update. And i'm not sure, if anyone can read the small text. Or whether it actually makes sense to create such a map with all the shortcuts? In the end, i can export a PDF file also. And this 4K image file you can set as a background for example.

Bye for now.

- v.0.4.2 on Nov 9, 2022
- v.0.5.8 on Nov 11, 2022
- v.0.6.4 on Nov 14, 2022
- v.0.7.3 on Nov 21, 2022
- v.0.8.5 on Nov 22, 2022
- v.0.9.7 on Nov 23, 2022
- v.0.9.8 on Nov 24, 2022
- v.0.9.9 on Nov 24, 2022
- v.0.9.95 on Nov 25, 2022
- v.0.9.98 on Nov 26, 2022


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Yeah, you're quite right :-) Thank you for the typo! Added a new update - with the numpad and other changes.

I learn a lot from the map myself. At the moment some shortcuts don't work for me (ctrl+b for bold or ctrl+i for italic, underline with ctrl+u works fine). For example, "toggle natural" doesn't work on my German keyboard either.

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Yes, this should be possible. I've set all colors as global colors, so that should be pretty easy to do. How big do you want to print it in the end?

TO THE FORUM-ADMINS: I can't edit my main topic anymore. Is there a limit to only 10 edits or so? In the end, i would like to delete the old alpha-maps and link to the new topic with the final version in forum/documentation (i think). -> ok, works again.

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Yes, I think it should be at least A3. For A4/Letter you would need a magnifying glass.

Yesterday I did a test with a white background. It's looking pretty good so far, the yellow color is a little hard to read (when the text is so small). But there is still a solution.

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Die Idee hatte ich natürlich auch :-) aber erst einmal verworfen. So eine Map zu erstellen, macht ja doch ganz schön viel Arbeit. Und ich befürchte, dass es noch viel komplizierter mit unserer Sprache und den meist ja längeren Wörtern sein wird. Es war jetzt schon ein bisschen eine Tüftelarbeit, alle Tastenkombinationen gut in die kleinen Felder hineinzubekommen.

Mal schauen, vielleicht dann im nächsten Jahr. Ich möchte auch erst einmal warten, ob die engl. Version so bleibt (vom Design her) und sich bewährt. So wie die Map jetzt ist, "funktioniert" sie eigentlich am besten auf einem 4K-Monitor als Hintergrundbild. WQHD geht auch gerade noch, aber bei HD lässt sich der Text eigentlich nicht mehr wirklich lesen. Die Frage ist für mich auch, wie sie dann am Ende genutzt wird. Für viele Benutzer wird dann wahrscheinlich die PDF am besten geeignet sein.

New version 0.9.9 online.

With some changes in the footer, 4 new shortcuts and i changed the word stave to staff (used in US and UK).

Does anyone else have suggestions for changing certain terms? So that it fits both language variants - British and American English?

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If you want to go to British English, the main change as far as I can see would be the terms for note durations, i.e.:

64th note = hemidemisemiquaver
32nd note = demisemiquaver
16th note = semiquaver
Eighth note = quaver
Quarter note = crotchet
Half note = minim
Whole note = semibreve
Double whole note = breve

(I think everything else is fine as-is.)

In the new version 0.9.95 I made the border of the keys a bit thinner (from 5 to 4 pt, maybe I'll make them even thinner to 3 pt).

I also adjusted the footer a bit.

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Oh that's awesome! Thank you very much for this honour.

I think it's better to wait a few more days to the final version 1.0. Then also with that image and PDF file. I also wanted to go over everything again very precisely, maybe there is still something to be found here and there.

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We can update the handbook at any point in time and it'll be just as much a community wiki-style effort as the current v3 handbook is. So there's no rush in making 1.0 and we can always update the handbook to reflect the most recent version of the map.

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Hi Merlin, I love the shortcut keyboard you made and (as you know) it has been made part of the handbook). I am now translating the handbook and would like to use localised Dutch version of this for the handbook.

Any suggestions how we can make this happen?

Hello everyone!
I have compiled my own list of ShortCuts for MuseScore 3. I'm trying to import this list into MuseScore 4 and I'm finding that it doesn't import completely. In particular the MuseScore 4 seems not to accept ShortCuts that handle NumPad keys. Is this something I haven't got right yet, or MuseScore 4 doesn't accept ShortCuts involving the NumPad?
[It seems to confuse the NumPad numbers with those on the keyboard, or at any rate acts like it ignores the NumPad, which of course with the exact same ShortCut list doesn't happen in MuseScore 3. In short, my laptop's NumPad, especially for MuseScore 4 seems to be dead.]

Thank you for your time,

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Thanks for the reply, sorry for the delay in writing - for some reason I don't get notifications when someone replies.
Meanwhile the update to 4.0.1 has already been released.
I am reeding: "Major fix for num pad shortcuts" . I tried it. Still can't get the numpad to cooperate in creating shortcuts. It still confuses the main keypad numbers with the numpad numbers. Am I wrong?

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