Keep TAB when Copy/Cut and Paste?

• Nov 21, 2022 - 22:35

I've noticed when I cut/copy and paste I lose the TAB I've created - the pasted version typically goes back to the default TAB'd notes on the fretboard. Is there a way to keep my TAB'd notes?


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In coming up with an example, I'm finding that my original question was inaccurate. It's actually when I transpose the notes up or down (via the arrow keys) I'm losing my original fretting. Is there a way to keep the original fretting while transposing? Apologies for the mistake there.

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Yeah, sorry for not being clear. I'd like to be able to set a certain pattern, for an arpeggio for example, and then transpose that to other keys. Basically, keep the same pattern, but transpose to different keys by just selecting the notes I need and arrowing up/down. I'm finding when I arrow up/down the software goes back to its default TAB setting for each note.

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Do you want to transpose a whole piece, or just certain bars? If it's a whole piece or at least section use Tools > Transpose. If it is just a few notes or phrase then using the arrow keys works. But are you using a LINKED staff and tablature pair? If you aren't, and transpose the staff notes with the arrows, the fret numbers won't change. See

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