Selection filter for only articulations

• Sep 5, 2020 - 00:55

Dear MuseScore Community,

Is there a way to use the Selection Filter or another tool to select only and all the articulations, or some other non-note element, within a selection? Sometimes I like to put in a lot of staccato marks, accents etc. in my scores for stylistic purposes and then make them all invisible.

Thank you in advance!



There are a couple of ways.

Simple method 1, right click an articulation and choose Select>All similar items this will select every articulation (also select all similar items in selection or all similar items in the same staff)

Simple method 2, click an articulation the shift+click another articulation. Every articulation between the two will be selected.

Less simple method. Right click an articulation and choose Select>More... there will be a variety of options including only selecting only the type of articulation you right clicked. Very versatile.

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Simple method 1 works for me but it select all articulations on that staff in the entire score. Method 2 just doesn't work for me at all. I have an old macbook and version 2.3.2 of Musescore (that's that latest I can put on my ancient mac).
I did find that selecting a range, then right-clicking on an articulation within the selection, and selecting "Select all of this type in range" did the trick.

And since it isn't obvious, I'll add, the reason this is the case is that the Selection Filter is only about reducing a range selection to have fewer elements, but it will remain a range selection - a set of notes within a range of time positions and staves. You don't want that, you want just a list selection of individual articulations. That's where those other methods come in.

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