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• Nov 20, 2022 - 23:02

Dear Muse Score,

I love Muse Score and think it is one of the very best free software on the market.

However, this is not the improvements I have been seeking. The improvements I've been looking for are in the sound quality of the musical instruments, in particular the classical, the acoustic, and the twelve string guitars.

If you go to youtube and listen to the videos of people playing various brands and models of guitars you will find that the Muse Scores guitars lack the same sound quality. In fact, the Muse Score guitars sound pathetic.

I've been with Muse Score for a while and have not seen or heard of any movement in this direction. What does it take to get Muse Score to get moving in an acoustic enhancement initiative?

As a guitar enthusiast I'm sadden by your seemingly lack of interest in acoustic betterment. I hope my letter will inspire you to rectify this severe shortcoming.




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But, since you do mention sound improvements; have you had a look at the MS4 beta/nightly in combination with MuseSounds?
There is no specific guitar improvements in it (yet), but given that together with the development of MS4 there was a topic opened specific about guitar (notation) improvements I'd imagine this to be a thing to be addressed in a future 4.x update.

It's not as much that you need to go and request this on the .com site, since because it is about the notation software this forum is a good place to request this.
It's more that you're responding to something that wasn't sent from the notation software team. So no wonder it doesn't touch on things one might have requested for that.

The quality of guitar sound has less to do with MuseScore the software, and more to do with the sound fonts in use. There better fonts available that you can install and use. This is quite normal.

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